Rebeca Gascón

Co-founder, Creative Director & Frontend Team Leader at Cherrypick S.L.

I have been Web Designer and Frontender for over 10 years. In that time I have worked for very different clients and, thanks to this experience, I know that my best aptitudes are my versatility, diligence and creativity.

I believe that you should know how to listen to clients to better understand their requirements and, at the same time, you must be able to advise on the best choices to develop their ideas in the best possible way. Mixing these two ingredients makes a perfect recipe for success and that is what we do here in Cherrypick, for every single project.

Specialized in:

  • Graphic and Web Design (corporate identity)
  • XHTML+CSS3 (standard compliant) and Crossbrowsing
  • Design integration into different platforms (Drupal & WordPress)
  • User experience and usability

My projects

Fiat Professional

Fiat Professional was one of the most complex projects I had to deal with during my period in ideup!. I took responsibility for the development of a site "twin" to the Italian one. Using the Web development platform Sharepoint, combined with a huge content load managed by XML, ActionScript y Flash.

Guía Salvaescaleras

Guía Salvaescaleras is a store brand for Thyssen Krupp, I developed this web site while working in ideup!. I was responsible for the XHTML and CSS layout as well as for most of the Drupal application implementation.

Hogar & Empresa eficiente

In this project I was responsible, during its initial stage, for the most part of the prototyping, design, layout and internationalization of both platforms. These are two Web applications developed with Symfony, aimed to offer the necessary tools required to help customers and companies alike to optimize their power consumption.

Oscar Estepa

CEO, Co-founder, Sysadmin & PHP Developer at Cherrypick S.L.

After seven years of experience in the IT field, I have played many different roles: language software testing, system administration and Web developer. Nowadays, in Cherrypick, I am responsible for Web development and system administration.

I believe that my best aptitudes are organization and perfectionism. I value quality above quickness, therefore when I have to make a decision about a development, I always try to make it as user-friendly as possible, not only for the user but also the code itself.

Specialized in:

  • Web programming languages: PHP & JQuery.
  • Content Management Systems: Drupal & WordPress
  • LAMP system administration
  • Performance tuning

My projects

Instituto Cervantes

Working for ideup! I was responsible for creating a new infrastructure for Instituto Cervantes, which hosts several Drupal and WordPress sites. The main tasks were: monitoring, performance tuning, MySQL replication and load balancing.


Responsible for the system administration while working for ideup!, I created the infrastructure for this Drupal using HAProxy (load balancing) and ISPConfig (management of Apache, MySQL,...) It also required Websphere for the deployment of a rate-setting insurance tool developed with Java.


On this project we totally swicth gears. Responsible for the system administration of the company, we build a platform based on FreeBSD, combining Nginx and Apache as Web servers and making the most of the non-relational database MongoDB. All this to support a bleeding-edge worldwide search engine, which gets daily over 3,600 visits and with more than 347 million indexed links.